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Birmingham, AL

What We Do

At Knife to Fork Consulting, we provide expert restaurant curation to operations big and small in Birmingham, Alabama and the surrounding areas. We focus on the details while delivering a service-minded strategy to restaurateurs. With 25+ years of combined experience, we are ready to rekindle your passion, repurpose your operation, and reclaim your culinary dream. Whether it is the kitchen or the bar, the host stand or the back office, or anywhere else in your operation, we are here for you.

KITCHEN SERVICES include menu development (culinary, bar, catering, and delivery), food and beverage sourcing and costing, menu implementation, pricing, and vendor selection.

OPERATIONS SERVICES include food safety audits and systems, manuals and policies, POS and back-office software selection, staff recruitment and training, and developing standard operating procedures and policies.

Through our CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT AND CREATIVE SERVICES, we will be the sounding board that you need to take your restaurant idea from dream to reality. We offer consulting for brand and concept development, business plan development, menu design and development, and website design.

Has your restaurant been hit by hard financial times? Or maybe you are dealing with massive turnover? Or maybe the culture of your restaurant leaves much to be desired? Regardless of the issue, we offer TURNAROUND SERVICES for your every need. This includes culture and leadership development, labor and food cost analysis, market and menu analysis, rebranding and marketing, and studying market trends to ensure that you are the tip of the spear in your culinary endeavor.

How We Do It

With over 25 years of collective BOH and FOH experience, we have a thorough understanding of how to help our clients create value and diminish risk while also recognizing each individual client’s unique perspective and desires.

We know that operating a restaurant breeds many issues that undoubtedly keep our clients up at night. Our goal is to diligently and meticulously guide our clients through the processes necessary to reach their desired success.

We start with an empathizing conversation with our client to determine their needs. From there, we do an in-depth, analytical assessment of the restaurant following our 11-point system. With this information, we create a bespoke plan of attack, and present this plan to the client. The client can then decide what services they deem necessary. Finally, we enact this plan in an honest, efficient, and transparent fashion guiding our clients each step of the way.

Our staunch commitment to mastering the ever-evolving dynamics of the hospitality industry, is what sets us apart from the rest. Our clients trust us because we share our wisdom openly and honestly with them. Our only goal is our client’s success, period.

Let us rekindle your passion, repurpose your standards & procedures, & reclaim your dream.

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